Cabinet minister of Gujarat | गुजरात के कैबिनेट मंत्री

The politics of Gujarat also keeps changing like other states of India, in this also the appointment and change of ministers keep happening, in this work some new ministers have got a place in 2019 while some ministers of 2017 have been given rest or other assignments.

probably keeping in mind the Lok Sabha seats of India 2019, the election for 26 Lok Sabha seats of Gujarat is in 2019 itself, the names in the table below are the latest ones which have been specially checked, then Also, if anything is wrong, please inform by telling in the below box.

Cabinet Ministers Of Gujarat 2019

Serial numberCabinet minister namePortfolio or charges
1Bhupendrabhai Patel (Chief Minister)General Administration, Industry, Home, Urban Development, Ports, Mines and Minerals, Information and Broadcasting, Petroleum, Climate Change, Planning, Science and Technology, all policies and all matters not assigned to other Ministers
2Shri Nitinbhai Patel (Deputy Chief Minister)Finance, Roads and Buildings, Health and Family Welfare, Medical Education, Narmada, Kalpsar, Rajdhani Project
3Shri Ranchodbhai Chanabhai PhalduAgriculture, rural development, fisheries, transportation.
4Mr. Bhupendrasinh Manubha ChudasamaEducation (primary, secondary and adult), higher and technical education, law and justice, legislative and parliamentary affairs, salt industry, cow-breeding and civil aviation.
5Mr. Kaushikkumar Jamnadas PatelRevenue.
6Mr. Saurabh PatelEnergy.
7Shri Ganpatbhai Vestabhai VasavaTribal development, tourism, forest, women and child welfare.
8Mr. Jayesh RadadiyaFood, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Cottage Industries, Printing and Stationery.
9Mr. Dilipkumar Viraji ThakorLabor and Employment, Disaster Management, Devasthan, Pilgrim Development
10Shri Ishwarbhai (Anil) Ramanbhai ParmarSocial Justice and Empowerment (including Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Socially and Educationally Backward Classes)
11Shri Kunwarjibhai Mohanbhai Bavaliyawater supply, animal husbandry, rural housing


Minister of State of Gujarat 2019

Serial numberState MinisterPortfolio or charges
1Shri Pradeep Singh Bhagwat Singh JadejaHome, Energy, Legislative and Parliamentary Affairs, Law and Justice, (Minister of State) Police Housing, Border Security, Civil Defense, Village Rakshak Dal, Prisons, Prohibition Excise, Coordination of Voluntary Organizations, Non-Resident Gujarati Division, Protocol (All Independent Charge) .
2Shri Parbatbhai Sawabhai PatelWater Resources (Independent Charge), Water Supply
3Shri Purushottambhai Odhavjibhai SolankiFisheries
4Shri Bacchubhai Maganbhai KhabadRural housing, rural development, animal husbandry, cow breeding.
5Shri Jaydrathsinhji Chandrasinhji ParmarAgriculture (Minister of State) Panchayat, Environment (Independent Charge)
6Shri Ishwar Singh Thakorbhai PatelCooperation, Sports, Youth and Cultural Activities (Independent Charge), Transport (Minister of State)
7Shri Vasanbhai Gopalbhai AhirWelfare of socially and educationally backward classes.
8Mrs. Vibhavariben Vijaybhai DaveWomen and child welfare, education (primary and higher education) and pilgrimage.
9Shri Ramanlal Nanubhai PatkarForest and Tribal Development.
10Mr. Kishore Kanani (Kumar)Health and family welfare, medical education.


Gujarat cabinet minister 2017

Serial No.Cabinet minister namePortfolio
1Vijay RupaniChief Minister of Gujarat, General Administration, Home, Administrative Reforms and Training, Planning, Industries, Mines and Minerals, Ports, Climate Change, Science and Technology and Information and Broadcasting and Portfolios, which are not allocated to any other Minister.
2Nitinbhai PatelDeputy Chief Minister of Gujarat, Finance, Urban Development and Urban Housing, Roads and Buildings, Capital Projects, Narmada, Kalpar and Petrochemicals
3Ganpat VasavaTourism, Tribal Welfare and Forests
4Bhupendra Singh ChudasamaDepartments of Revenue, Education (Primary, Secondary and Adult), Higher and Technical Education and Law and Parliamentary Affairs
5Chiman Sapraiyaagriculture and energy
6Atmaram ParmarSocial Justice and Empowerment (including welfare of Scheduled Castes, Socially and Economically Backward Classes), Women and Child Welfare
7babubhai bokhiriaWater Supply (Except Kalpar), Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Cow Protection, Civil Aviation and Salt Industry Water Resources, Agriculture, Cooperative, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries,
8Dilip ThakurLabor and Employment, Devasthan, Disaster Management and Pilgrimage Development
9Jayesh RadiaFood, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Cottage Industry and Printing


Minister of State of Gujarat 2017 with independent charge

Sr No.Name of minister of statePortfolio with free chargePortfolio without free charge
1Shankar ChoudharyHealth and Family Welfare, Medical Education and EnvironmentUrban Development
2Parottam Solankifisheries department
3Pradeepsinh JadejaPolice Housing, Border Security, Civil Defense, Prisons, Prohibition and Excise, Law and Judiciary, Religious and Pilgrimage Places, Coordination of NGOs, Non-Resident Gujarati and Protocol, Prohibition and Excisehome and energy department
4Jayantibhai KavadiaPanchayat, Rural Development and Rural Housing
5Nanubhai VananiWater Resources, Primary and Secondary Education
6Like BaradWater supply, civil aviation and salt industry
7Bachu KhabadAnimal Husbandry and Cow Protection
9Jayadath Singh ParmarRoads and Buildings and Higher and Technical Education
10Ishwar PatelCooperation
11Vallabh Kakkadiyaroad transport
12Rajendra S TrivediDepartment of Sports, Youth and Cultural AffairsPilgrimage development
13Keshji chauhanSocially and Educationally Backward Classes (SEBC, OBC) Welfare Department
14Rohit PatelIndustries, Mines and Minerals and Finance Department
15Vallabh VaghasiyaAgriculture and Urban Housing
16Shassharan TadviForest and Tribal Welfare
17Nirmal WadhwaniWomen and Child Development

Cabinet minister of Gujarat


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