How Many Districts in Arunachal Pradesh

How many districts in Arunachal Pradesh?

e-district up Arunachal Pradesh had 19 districts till 2015, 1 new district was formed in 2015, 2 new districts were formed in 2017 and 3 new districts were formed in 2018, thus now the total number of districts in Arunachal Pradesh is 25, and the number of villages in Arunachal Pradesh The number is currently 5616.

Arunachal Pradesh is a northeastern state located in the state of India. Arunachal means “mountain of the rising sun” in Hindi, Itanagar is the capital of the state.

Neighboring States and Districts of Arunachal Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh is known for its peculiar geographical location, it touches the borders of neighboring countries of India more than it touches the borders of Indian states such as Assam and Nagaland, such as Tibet in the north, Myanmar in the south. , to the west is Bhutan, while the Indian states touch the districts of Assam to the south and then the districts of Nagaland in that order.

Names of districts of Arunachal Pradesh

Code District Headquarters Population (2011)[2] Area (km²) Density (/km²)
AJ Anjaw District airy 21,089 6,190 3
CH Changlang District Good 147,951 4,662 27
One East Kameng District seppa 78,413 4,134 14
IT IS East Siang District Pasighat 99,019 4,005 22
THE Lohit District Teju 145,538 2,402 13
LD Longding District longding 60,000 1,192 13
LB Lower Subansiri zero 82,839 3,460 24
PA Papum Pare District yupia 176,385 2,875 42
TA Tawang District Tawang 49,950 2,085 19
TI Tirap District Khonsa 111,997 2,362 42
UD Lower Dibang Valley District rowing 53,986 3,900 14
US Upper Siang District yingqiong 33,146 6,188 5
UB Upper Subansiri District deporizo 83,205 7,032 8
WK West Kameng District bomdila 87,013 7,422 10
WS West Siang District Come on 112,272 8,325 12
UD Upper Dibang Valley District Anini 7,948 9,129 1
KK Kurung Kumay District colouring 89,717 8,818 10
NM Namsai District Namsai
KD Kara Dadi District Bail
TBD firm cassang Lemmy NA NA NA
TBD shi-yomi tap NA NA NA
TBD siang Pangeen NA NA NA
TBD lower siang Likabali NA NA NA
TBD Lepa Radha Basar NA NA NA
TBD Work Raga 22,256 NA NA


Districts of Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh has a total of 25 districts, the district is administered by the District Collector, Upa is the most populated district and Yingkung is the most populated district of Bala.

Districts of Arunachal Pradesh with Highest Literacy

S.No. District Name literacy
1 papum pare 79.95
2 Lower Subansiri 74.35
3 East Siang 72.54
4 Lower Dibang Valley 69.13

e-district up

Names of districts of Arunachal Pradesh with the highest population

S.No District Name Population (2011)
1 papum pare 176573
2 Good 148226
3 lohit 145726
4 West Siang 112274
5 tarp 111975
6 East Siang 99214


How many districts are there in Arunachal Pradesh with the highest sex ratio?

S.No. District Name Sex Ratio
1 Kurg Kumai 1032
2 East Kameng 1029
3 Upper Subansiri 998


Districts of Arunachal Pradesh with Highest Growth Rate

S.No. District Name growth rate
1 Kurg Kumai 116.56%
2 Upper Subansiri 50.78%
3 Lower Subansiri 49.00%
4 papum pare 44.73%


Names of districts of Arunachal Pradesh with the highest land area

S.No. District Name Area (
1 Dibang Valley 9129
2 West Siang 8325
3 West Kameng 7422
4 Upper Subansiri 7032


Districts of Arunachal Pradesh with the highest population density

S.No District Name Density (/
1 papum pare 51
2 tarp 47


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A major part of the state is claimed by both the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China as part of the region of South Tibet. During the 1962 Sino-Indian War, most of Arunachal Pradesh was captured and temporarily controlled by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.
Apong or rice beer made from fermented rice or millet is a popular beverage in Arunachal Pradesh, as an alcoholic drink. There are different varieties of rice beer with different flavours. The staple food is rice along with fish, meat (Lukter) and many green vegetables. Different varieties of rice are available.

arunachal pradesh tourism

Is Tawang open for tourists now? | Arunachal Tourism post COVID-19 Lockdown. Arunachal Pradesh tourism resumed in the month of October. The state is now accepting visitors from outside the state as per the SOP laid out by the govt.

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