Prabhu Shri Ram Van Gaman Marg Road Map

Prabhu Shri Ram Van Gaman Marg Road Map

We get a great lesson from Ramayana that if we are strong then where should we use our power, Hanuman Ji demonstrated his strength to remove the fear of Mata Sita Ji, whereas people generally display their strength. To create fear in me.

The story of Lord Rama’s journey to the forest is amazing, when Lord Rama, Mata Janaki, and Lakshman ji came out of Ayodhya, which is presently in Uttar Pradesh, they first reached Tamasa beach, then Prayag, then Chitrakoot, then Sharbhang Muni’s ashram.

After reaching Panchavati, which is in present-day Maharashtra’s Nashik district, it was at this place that the name of this place was named Nashik due to Shurpanakha cutting her nose and ears and it was here that Sita Mata was abducted.

After the abduction of Mother Sita, Lord Rama and Lakshmana started searching for her, meeting Shabari in the Dandak forest, befriending Sugrib on Mount Kishkindha, presently in Mount Kishkindha and Pampa Sarovar in Karnataka.

After this, when Hanuman Ji went to Lanka and found Mother Sita, the Lord along with the entire monkey army went towards the beach and established Rameshwaram on it, Rameshwaram is presently in Tamil Nadu.

At the time of exile, when Lord Shri Ram came out of Ayodhya, the route he took, as described in Ramayana and Shri Ram Charit, or on the basis of that map has been made.

Bhagwan Shri Ram Van Gaman Marg Map

At the time of exile, when Lord Shri Ram came out of Ayodhya, the route he took, as described in Ramayana and Shri Ram Charit, or on the basis of that map has been made.

Travelogue of Lord Rama’s Exodus

1- Reaching Shringverpur, which is currently situated at a distance of 45 kms from Prayagraj (district of Uttar Pradesh) on Lucknow road, this is where Raj met.

2- The one who had rested for a night on the banks of river Tamasa, which is presently in Madhya Pradesh (first vaas tamsa bhaiyo second sursari arrow’)

3 -Arriving at Prayagraj, there was a conversation with Bharadwaj Muni, at present, it is in Uttar Pradesh itself.

4- Arrived at the ashram of Maharishi Valmiki ji, it is also presently in Madhya Pradesh, here Lord Shri Ram honored the sage in this way “You Trikaldarshi Muninatha, Visva Badar Jimmy Tumre Hatha.”

5- After this Lord Ram reached Chitrakoot which is in Satna district, at present, it is also in Madhya Pradesh.

6- In Chitrakoot itself, Maharaj Bharat Ji along with all the subjects and Janak ji met Lord Rama.

7- After Chitrakoot, Lord Rama, Janaki Ji, and Lakshman Ji had come to Panchavati, where Shurpanakha’s nose and ears were cut, hence the name of this place was also named Nashik.

8- In Panchavati, near Dandakaranya, God killed the true pollution and it was here that Mother Sita was abducted by Ravana.

9- Lord Ram and Lakshman reached Shabari Ji in search of Mata Janki ji which is presently in Chhattisgarh.

10 – Met Lord Sugriva in Kishkindha, which is believed to be the area around Hampi city on the banks of river Tungabhadra in present-day Karnataka state

11 -Lord Rama stayed at Pampapur, near Kishkindha, and it was here that Hanuman ji came from Lanka to find Mother Sita.

12- After the detection of Mata Janaki Ji, the entire army Lord set out towards the sea and established Rameswaram (Ramanathapuram) on the beach, which is presently in Tamil Nadu.

13 – From this, the stone bridge was built, of victory, at present, there are remains of this bridge and it is called the bridge of Adam.

Important facts of Ramayana

The whole of Lanka was made of gold, which when Hanuman Ji burnt the gold melted because gold does not burn, then Malayavant, the maternal grandfather of Ravana, made it again using the same gold.

Shri Ramcharitmanas tells us that if you are going for some work, then if you meet a sage in the relationship, then your work will never increase.

When Hanuman Ji started going to Lanka, the deities felt that he should go and catch Hanuman Ji, so they sent Sursa Ji, who is the mother of serpents, to test his intelligence.

Sursa Ji only tested whether Hanuman Ji knows when to enlarge the body and when to make it very small, and Hanuman Ji was successful in this test, then Mata Sursa ji also blessed him to be successful.

Swayamprabha Ji is seated in the Badrinath Dham of Lord Rama.

Jamwant Ji is the son of Lord Brahma ji, in the golden age, he had done three rounds of the world form of Lord Vishnu.

When the sage saw it with the power of yoga, he knew that Bali had done it, that is why he had given Bali a curse not to come to the mountain, which became a boon for Sugriva.

After Dundubhi was killed, Bali threw his body and a few drops of his blood fell in the ashram of the sage Matang, situated on the Rishyamuk mountain.

Bali was the Manas son of Devraj Indra, and his wife Tara was the Apsara of heaven who was the daughter of the monkey Vaidhiraj Sushen.

Shabari, who belonged to the Bhil tribe, was a disciple of Maharishi Matang, this is also proof that in Aryavarta, women’s education and all other classes had the right to education, just that there should be a passion for education.

According to Ramayana, Kumbhakarna was the younger brother of Maharaj Pratap Bhanu, Arimardan, who became a demon due to the curse of Brahmins.

Lord Ram is from Shabri Mata in Kharaud town located in Janjhgir Champa district of Chhattisgarh state of India, at present, there is the only temple of Shabri Mata named Shauri Mandap at this place.

Kavandha was actually a beautiful Gandharva who used to frighten the sages by making horrific figures like demons for entertainment, then Sage Sthulshira cursed Kabandha that this body should be yours forever.

When it came with Ravana and Khar Dushan, their demonic nature would go away, and due to being as big as a nail soup in a formidable form, Dushana named it Shurpanakha.

Ravana was cursed by Nalkubar’s beloved that if Ravana tried to touch a woman against his wishes, then Ravana’s head would be cut into pieces.

After the slaughter of Khardushan, Lord Rama had asked Mother Sita to enter the fire and asked her shadow to stay here in the form of Sita, who after the conquest of Lanka came again in that shadow at the time of the ordeal.

Suparnakha was the youngest child of the sage Vishrava and his second wife, Kaikasi. Suparnakha was given the name Meenakshi “Diksha” at birth and later on was named Chandranakha.

According to Ramayana, both Lord Rama and Nishad Raj Guha studied together in the Ashram of Vashistha, thus we learn from Ramayana that there was no discrimination on the basis of caste.

King Dasaratha of Maharani Kaikeyi had asked for three boons to save the life of Maharaja Dasharatha in Devasura Sangram because of stopping the wheel of the chariot with his finger instead of the nail of the chariot.

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Prabhu Shri Ram Van Gaman Marg Road Map

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