Save money for online shopping in 6 simple steps

How to save money in your wallet for online festive sales

Are you still waiting for the festive season for online shopping to buy your favorite item? Well, you may need to prepare a little in advance.

Admit it, we all have loads of items in our shopping carts but we never check out. While the shopping season is here to offer you loads of deals, the day has come for you to order them finally!

Here is how you can save a few bucks in your wallet to grab the best festivities with 6 simple steps.


Save money for online shopping in 6 simple steps
Save money for online shopping in 6 simple steps

Effective Planning for Online shopping

1. Make a budget

The first thing to do before buying your preferred item is to prepare a well-planned budget for online shopping. 

You might want to buy things from different categories like fashion, lifestyle, essentials, gadgets, etc.

So, you should try grouping similar things together and allocate a budget for each category. This will let you purchase a variety of things.

2. Prepare a Priority List 

Before buying an item, ask yourself three questions:

  • Do I need this product?
  • How is this product going to benefit me?
  • Is there anything lacking in my life without the product?

Think critically about each item of your choice and prepare a priority list of top 10 things.

Buy 3 of the highest scoring things to make the most of online sales.  

3. Too good to be real

There are some products listed on reputed e-commerce sites with massive price slashes during online shopping.

Such huge discounts might entice you to buy instantly but they won’t impress you later. The items with heavy concessions are usually old and of low quality. These are the ones that went unsold for ages and are now just thrown out. 

4. Avoid Buy 2 and get X off

Most of us go gaga over the word ‘discount’ and think to avail it ASAP. But have you ever thought that if the items weren’t discounted, would you ever buy that?

Suppose you want to buy an item X but there is an offer to get X and Y both for a discount. You end up paying more for the chosen item and get an unnecessary item Y.

Let us understand this with an example.

Suppose you want to buy lipstick for yourself. 

The same lipstick is available at Rs 300 on a website.

You see a combo offer on the lipstick and an additional mascara- priced around Rs 1000.

The combo mentions “50% off”.

Due to human psychology, you get enticed and buy both of them for Rs 1000.

Now, you use lipstick every day but rarely touch the mascara. 

In actuality, you paid Rs 1000, instead of Rs 300 for the same lipstick. 

So, you must avoid “Buy X and Y with %off.

5. No room for FOMO

A popular marketing gimmick by companies to sell off loads, ‘Fear of Missing Out will urge you, again and again, to buy their products via online shopping. You should not get allured by such repeated notifications because the prices remain the same throughout the product’s lifetime. 

6) Stay away from credit cards

During the festive season, banks list their credit options on many online shopping apps. 

This kind of credit is offered for gadgets and high-priced items.

It might seem a good idea but it’s a nightmare dressed as a daydream because you end up paying much more interest to credit cards than actually buying that item for the price.


You must refrain from scammers, credits, and “discounts” because these things will cause you an undisguised loss in form of online shopping. Don’t let the fear of missing out capture the mind and soul. Hence, for a supernal shopping experience, plan an effective budget and choose your favorite items on priority. 

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