Uttarakhand cabinet minister 2017-2022

Uttarakhand cabinet minister

The result of a huge political reshuffle in Uttarakhand in 2022 is Tirath Singh Rawat in place of Trivendra Singh Rawat and his selection of new Chief Minister within a few months, along with the new Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, 11 ministers also took the oath of office and secrecy. has taken. Some specific ministries are with the Chief Minister, the rest have been divided.

Pushkar Singh Dhami Khatima Confidential (Council of Ministers) Personnel and All India Services Establishment
Home Vigilance, Good Governance, Corruption Eradication, and Public Services
Finance Technical Education
Personnel and Intelligence Family Welfare
Rural Development Disaster Management
Technical Education Revenue
Information Veterans Welfare
Rural Works Paramilitary Welfare
Rural Roads and Drainage Planning
Civil Aviation External Aided Programmes
Energy Prisons
Renewable Energy Civil Defence and Homeguards
Medical Health and Medical Education Consolidation in Hills Villages
Planning Industrial Development (Mining)
Micro, Small, and Medium Scale Enterprises
Khadi and Village Industries
Food and Civil Supplies
Food Processing
Information Technology
Science and Technology
Secretariat Administration
General Administration
State Estate


Uttarakhand cabinet minister 2022

S. No Name Constituency Ministry Major Task
1 Satpal Maharaj Chaubattakhal Irrigation India-Nepal-Uttarakhand River Projects
Flood Control Tourism
Minor Irrigation Pilgrimage and Religious Fairs
Rain Water Harvesting Culture
Water Management
2 Banshidhar Bhagat Kaladhungi Parliamentary Affairs Stamp and Registration [8]
Legislative Affairs Entertainment Tax [9]
Languages Drinking-Water and Sanitation
Commercial Tax Sugarcane Development and Sugar Industries
3 Harak Singh Rawat Kotdwar Health & Family Welfare [11] Industrial Training
Environmental and Solid Waste Management Ayush
Labour [12] Ayush Education
Employment [13]
4 Bishan Singh Chuphal Didihat Urban Development [14] Census
Housing Resources
Rajiv Gandhi Urban Housing Scheme Elections [15]
5 Yashpal Arya Bajpur Transportation [16] Rural Water Reservoirs Development
Social Welfare [17] Remote Areas Development
Minority Welfare Sub-Divisional Development and Management
Students Welfare Backward Areas Development
6 Arvind Pandey Gadarpur School Education [18] Sports [19]
Adult Education Youth Welfare
Sanskrit Education Panchayati Raj
7 Subodh Uniyal Narendranagar Agriculture [20] Agricultural Education
Agricultural Marketing Plantation and Horticulture
Agricultural Processing Silk Development
8 Ganesh Joshi Mussoorie TBD TBD


Uttarakhand minister 2021

S. No Name Constituency Ministry Major Task
1 Dhan Singh Rawat Srinagar Co-operatives Dairy Development [22]
Higher Education [21] Protocol
2 Rekha Arya Someshwar Women’s Welfare and Child Development [23] Fodder and Meadows Development
Animal Husbandry Fisheries [24]
Sheep and Goat Husbandry


Uttarakhand cabinet minister 2017

On March 16, 2017, Trivendra Singh Rawat took oath as the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand state, after the results of the assembly elections were announced on March 16, 2017, along with 10 more ministers who were sworn in as cabinet ministers. Of.

Trivendra Singh Rawat Chief Minister, Electricity, Health, PWD Others
Prem Chandra Agarwal Speaker of the Assembly
Satpal Maharaj Irrigation, Flood Control, Tourism, and Culture Others
Arvind Pandey School education department
Harak Singh Rawat Forest, wildlife
Yashpal Arya Transport, Social Welfare, Minority Welfare
Madan Kaushik Urban Development
Subodh Uniyal Ministry of Agriculture
Rekha Arya Women and Child Development
Prakash Pant Finance, Excise Duty, Commercial and Entertainment Tax
Dhan Singh Rawat Higher education


Uttarakhand cabinet before 11 March 2017


No. s. Name Workload (Portfolio) Department/subject
1 Shri Harish Rawat (Chief Minister) Security, corruption eradication and public service, confidentiality, personnel and establishment of All India Services, nomination/appointments by the state government in the judicial/legal field, vigilance, general administration, state property, information, industrial development, disaster management and rehabilitation, information Technology, Environment and Solid Waste Prevention, Minority Welfare, Marginal Area Development, Farm Development and Management, Sheep and Goat Farming. Tourism, Culture, Pilgrimage Management and Religious Fairs, Women Empowerment and Child Development, Alternative Energy, Youth Welfare, Externally Aided Projects Social welfare, transport, rural pond development and food processing, agriculture, agricultural marketing, agricultural education, horticulture, sericulture, military welfare, medical education, rainwater harvesting, consolidation in hill villages, biotechnology. 1- Suraj, corruption eradication and public service 2- Gopan 3- Establishment of personnel and all India services 4- Enrollment/appointments in judicial/legal field by the state government 5- Vigilance 6- General administration 7- State property 8- Information 9 – Industrial Development 10 – Disaster Management and Rehabilitation 11 – Information Technology 12 – Environment and Solid Waste Prevention 13 – Minority Welfare 14 – Marginal Area Development 15 – Farm Development and Management 16 – Sheep and Goat Farming. 17- Tourism 18- Culture 19- Pilgrimage Management and Religious Fairs 20- Women Empowerment and Child Development 21- Alternative Energy 22- Youth Welfare 23- Externally Aided Projects. 24- Social Welfare 25- Transport 26- Rural Pond Development 27- Food Processing. 28- Agriculture 29- Agricultural Marketing 30- Agricultural Education 31- Gardens 32- Sericulture 33- Sainik Welfare 34- Medical Education 35- Rain Water Harvesting 36- Consolidation in Hill Villages 37- Biotechnology.
2 Mrs. Indira Hridayesh Finance, Parliamentary Affairs, Legislative, Election, Census, Languages, Protocol, Higher Education, and Planning. 1- Finance, 2- Commercial tax, 3- Stamp and registration, 4- Entertainment tax, 5- Parliamentary business, 6- Legislative, 7- Election, 8- Census, 9- Languages, 10- Protocol, 11- Higher education, 12- Planning.
3 Mr. Yashpal Arya Revenue, Irrigation, Flood Control, Cooperation, Technical Education, Rural Engineering Services, Rural Roads and Drainage, Indo-Nepal Uttarakhand River Projects. 1- Revenue and land management, 2- Irrigation, 3- Flood control, 4- Co-operation, 5- Technical education, 6- Rural engineering services, 7- Rural roads and drainage, 8- India-Nepal Uttarakhand river projects.
4 Mr. Surendra Singh Negi Medical Services, Family Welfare, AYUSH, AYUSH and Unani Education, Science and Technology, Sugarcane Development and Sugar Industry, Para Military Welfare Council. 1- Medical Services, 2- Family Welfare, 3- AYUSH, 4- AYUSH and Unani Education, 5- Science and Technology, 6- Sugarcane Development and Sugar Industry, 7- Para Military Welfare Council.
5 Mr. Pritam Singh Food and Civil Supplies, Minor Irrigation, Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Home, Backward Area Development. 1- Food and Civil Supplies, 2- Minor Irrigation, 3- Rural Development, 4- Panchayati Raj., 5- Home, 6- Backward Area Development.
6 Mr. Dinesh Dhanai Tourism, Culture, Pilgrimage Management, and Religious Fairs, Women Empowerment and Child Development, Alternative Energy, Youth Welfare, Externally Aided Projects. 1- tourism, 2- culture, 3- pilgrimage management and religious fairs, 4- women empowerment and child development, 5- alternative energy, 6- youth welfare, 7- externally aided projects.
7 Mr. Dinesh Agarwal Sports, Forest and Wildlife, Law and Justice. 1- Sports, 2- Forest and wildlife, 3- Law and justice.
8 Mr. Minister Prasad Naithani School education, adult education, Sanskrit education, drinking water and sanitation, student welfare. 1- School education, 2- Adult education, 3- Sanskrit education, 4- Drinking water and sanitation, 5- Student welfare.
9 Mr. Pritam Singh Panwar Urban Development, Rajiv Gandhi Shahari Awas Yojna, Pastoral Husbandry, Fisheries, Fodder and Pasture Development, Civil Defense, Home Guards, and Prisons. 1- Urban Development, 2- Rajiv Gandhi Shahari Awas Yojana, 3- Peach Farming, 4- Fisheries, 5- Fodder and Pasture Development, 6- Civil Defense and Home Guard, 7- Jail.
10 Mr. Harish Chandra Durgapal Labour, employment, small and micro industries, khadi and village industries, milk development, industrial training institutes. 1- Labor, 2- Employment, 3- Small and micro industries, 4- Khadi and village industries, 5- Milk development, 6- Industrial training institutes.

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